Custom Notepads Are In Demand Today

The very attractive and growing in popularity is the Custom Notepads Printing, which is being liked by many people around the business circuit. The traditional way to a notepad was to order it in a printing house and then to wait until it delivered, with few and limited options to enjoy and was also a costly mode of business. Notepads are very important part of the business, carrying the promotion indirectly to every household. Till the date in the most of places and small businesses, this is done in a traditional way with a little to offer. The Custom Notepad Printing, especially online has opened a big door of options to the clients and business houses as well as individuals.

Variety of options and comfort makes the Custom Notepad Printing a vital product to promote your business as well as your personal front to the others. The online option of Custom Notepad Printing offers a variety to choose from and all in a relaxed way, you need not to wait for the order to be completed by a printing press and collecting from the counter. The best part is that you get the product in half the price you are already paying to the press and at your doorstep. You can get a design according to your business, job and special qualities. Even you can customize them according to the gesture you need to share within your circle. The reasons why one should opt for an online Custom Notepad Printing can be discussed in following lines.

1. The best and latest designs can be found online, as these are first launched on the net. One can view them directly on the homepage of the company site in designs section and don’t need to wait for catalog to be mailed.
2. This is the most convenient way of shopping, shop online from the location you are at and in the atmosphere you enjoy the most. This also offers unlimited shopping hours and you can use your time to order online.
3. The design you like the most can be viewed instantly before you approve it, watch the sample immediately before you confirm the order.
4. No minimum order has to be made, as it is essential in ordering to a printing press where small business owners face such problems. In the Custom Notepad Printing to be ordered online you can have unlimited orders with many designs as your wish.
5. Online Custom Notepads also prove to be a great gift to be presented with a surprise to the receiver. You can woo your family members by presenting them a customized notepad in the design they would love.

Along with these facts, the Custom Notepads are inexpensive and are delivered at your address; you may be offered a discount by the company depending upon the type of the order.

Professional Business Mailing Through Custom Envelopes

If you want to appear as a professional and respectable business, you have to invest in envelope printing for your official and marketing business mails. Printing custom envelopes is actually a standard practice for most professional businesses out there. This is because custom envelopes provide several benefits that a true and respectable business should have.

What are the benefits of a custom business envelope?
Custom envelopes for business offer advantages both to the company’s business image in general as well as the mailing message that it contains. In terms of the company’s business image, custom envelopes are basically the vehicles in which that image can be transported with. A custom envelope typically has the company theme integrated in its design, along with its logos, marketing messages and sometimes even marketing images. This basically is a platform to convey the company’s philosophy even as it contains its own company message. By doing custom envelope printing, you should be able to bring your business image to all your mailing addresses just by the use of the envelopes alone.

Next, we get to the mailing message itself. Most mails that people get these days are junk mail. However, a custom business envelope can distinguish itself as different from junk mail especially if it is well designed. If this happens, your custom envelope can basically protect your marketing mail from being thrown out. It can increase the chances of that letter being read just because it is a custom envelope and not an off the shelf one. So besides your business image, your business mails also benefit from custom envelopes.

How do I design them?
So how do you design custom envelopes? It is very easy actually. All you need is a custom envelope template to work with. Most desktop publishing applications should have this feature already included in their wizards and templates. Simply look through the software tutorials and see if your application has envelope templates that you can work with.

Besides that however, you can also download free envelope templates over the Internet. Some websites offer it for free, while other more professional templates might charge a few bucks for a download. Whichever the case, you should be able to acquire an envelope template that is easy to work with from the Internet.

Once you have a template, all that remains would be to add your content and images. Remember to be as minimal as possible with envelope designs. Add in your marketing image and company logo, and maybe some text. Those should be the only ones that you put in. Do not clutter up the envelope too much since it is not the actual message itself. It is enough to project the company image in the envelopes while being able to entice the readers to read what is inside. Make it a clean and professional layout, one that looks respectable and official.

Finally after finishing your design, you should get your envelopes printed through an online envelope printing service. In a matter of days, you should be able to receive your custom envelopes and you will be ready to integrate them into your business mailing strategies. Custom envelopes are a nice supplementary tool that can aid your business in many ways. So if you are not envelope printing now, maybe you should try and start today.

Designing Custom Embroidered Patches Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Designing custom embroidered patches isn’t difficult. With a little bit of guidance, just about anyone can do it. And you have enough options in size, color, backing and embroidery amount to design a product that is perfectly customized for your needs.

Start by creating your message. What do you want your patch to say? If you have an existing design or logo, patch designers can work with you to turn it into a custom embroidered patch design that your organization can wear with pride. Or if you want a completely new design from scratch, talented graphic artists can do that too, creating a unique work of art perfect for your needs.

Consider colors. With a broad array of both backing twill and thread colors, your custom embroidered patches can be either subtle or screaming, whichever you prefer. Metallic or neon threads can add extra visual “pop” to your design.

The size and design of your patch will determine the embroidery percentage. A 50% embroidered patch is good for text-only designs. This style contains a lot of open space that showcases your brand. A 75% embroidered patch will contain a much larger amount of embroidery, and is great for displaying both artwork and text. The 100% embroidered patch leaves none of the twill backing visible, and offers the most detail possible, perfect for intricate designs and logos.

Borders are available in two styles: either the traditional merrowed style or hot cut. The merrowed border has the standard wraparound design of hand stitched thread. Hot cut borders are laser cut, and are great for custom shapes when you don’t want to sacrifice detail on your custom embroidered patches.

Multiple backing types are available to suit specific needs. The standard backing enables the patch to be sewn onto the garment easily. Iron-on backing allows for quick application, and can be hold the patch steady for sewing. Plastic backing, which seals the entire back of the patch, adds sturdiness to the design. Velcro backing, popular with military organizations, is ideal for situations in which the patches need to be removed and reapplied. Tape backing offers peel-and-stick simplicity, perfect for temporary applications.

Custom Design Tool Software: Basic Features

In the high-tech world that we live in today, the trend of personalized products has been hyped to quite an extent. The growing demand of custom products has led to the emergence of rich internet Custom Design Tool Software. It is an online product designer tool, which has been designed to help amateur designers to create customized products. These advanced product designer applications are powered by the latest technologies, namely Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash, AJAX, PHP and jQuery. Such e-commerce software solutions are far beyond the standard restrictions of conventional user interface (UI) controls set by the traditional designer software applications – Photoshop, Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

Technologically advanced online product design tools come with a much richer set of front-end features, admin-panel features, sophisticated server interaction mechanism, high flexibility, richer user experience, better error handling, browser compatibility and lots more. Online design software solution is also considered a perfect e-commerce solution. The reason is simple – these rich internet software applications can be easily integrated with any shopping cart platforms including Magento, Zen Cart, Prestashop, Shopify, Bigcommerce etc.

The best thing about online product designer software is that these web applications do not need any external support in terms of plug-ins, extensions, or downloads to work seamlessly inside the different web browsers and platforms such as Firefox Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, iPads 2 & 3, iPhone 5, Mac, Windows etc. These software applications are available in a wide variety, which range in terms of products. The types of product designer applications can be briefly classified as custom t-shirt design tool, banner designer application, online sign designer, skin designer application, shoes designer tool, online button design tool, online letter design tool.

Basic Features Of Online Product Designer Software

Below, I have listed some important features of a product designing software. It is not possible to discuss all the features of the tool here and so, I have focused to give a brief overview of online product design application’s some important front-end and admin-panel features:

Front-end Features

Rich user interface: It comes with the richness of a great User Interface experience. It brings some amazing things to users for a richer user experience such as a large media library packed with high quality graphics, ready-to-use templates, font styles and colors.
No platform limitation : It is cross-platform and cross-browser solution. Users can now think going beyond the browser limitations and leverage to across different platforms such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads and laptop.
Easy photo uploading: Leverage it’s an easy photo uploading feature from the desktop to create personalized products.
Freedom to customize: The tool providing users the power to add text and color to the artwork and personalize it as per custom requirements. By leveraging its easy to use front-end text features, one can add single-line text or a message on the design in different font styles as well as sizes. Customize the text message by applying different text types (Bold, Italic, Underline), special text treatment (arching, bulge, borders, shadow) and adding color.
Add to wish list: Wishlists are another significant feature of such software solutions that allows users to save their custom artwork to the cart for future purchases.

Admin-Panel Features

Setup and support: No programming skills required to set-up this tool. It is a RIA technology powered custom design tool comes with easy implementation and customization facility. It comes with Out-of-the-box storefront system which is a very user-friendly web application and requires minimum maintenance. The tool has W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant codes.
Design and layout: It comes with a fully customizable design and layout structure. An administrator has the access to change the overall look and feel of the tool depending on the custom design preferences. Its flexibility has emerged as a significant advantage.
Supports basic web paradigms: The tool supports for basic web paradigms, which mainly include user device independence, multiple web browser compatibility, discount management, design management, font and color management, user management, order management, form management and more.
Product management: The software solution enables an administrator to add, modify and delete unlimited number of products, images and categories. It also allows to modify product sizes, view and category.
Sales analysis and tracking: An administrator can empower its sales analysis and tracking feature to get comprehensive statistics of the number of orders and customers, product views, total sales and searchable order data.

In conclusion

Through this article, I have tried my level best to introduce custom design tool software, and also discussed some of its noteworthy front-end and admin-panel features. Hope this discussion of the tools will help you choose the right application based on your custom needs.

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Why Should You Custom Design Your Engagement Ring?

From clothes to furniture or musical instruments to vehicles, the idea of paying to have something custom made can be intimidating for some.

Concerns about the cost are usually at the forefront of the apprehension, although there may also be doubts over whether going through the whole process is even necessary when there are plenty of off-the-shelf alternatives to match almost any budget.

Others may believe custom made products are only for those with clearly defined ideas of what they want.

Those looking for engagement rings face similar questions. With the wealth of options in the cabinets of high street jewelers available there and then, why should you decide to custom design your engagement ring?

Because you don’t know what you want

Contrary to popular belief, custom made products aren’t the reserve of those who know exactly what they want. If you’ve been thinking of custom designing your engagement ring but don’t know where to start, remember that your custom jeweler is there to help from inception to completion.

As creative professionals, custom jewelers love to get involved in every step of the design process and are experts in extracting from you every last detail needed to make the final piece above and beyond what you may have thought possible.

Whether you have nothing more than a vague idea of which colors you want to use when you custom design your engagement ring, or you have the idea but not the vocabulary to express it, your custom jeweler can take even the loosest of concepts and work with you to make it a reality.

Because you have a limited budget

Bespoke goods are often seen as the expensive version of the mass-produced alternatives we more commonly see on the high street. However, even if you custom design your engagement ring, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Because every aspect of custom jewelry can indeed be customized, this naturally includes the price. Talking to your custom jeweler about the design based on the budget rather than the metal and stones used means having the ability to create the look you want while keeping it at a price you can handle.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a drop in the quality, especially when compared to the mass-produced alternatives. When you custom design your engagement ring with a budget in mind, your custom jeweler will know where money can be saved while using more creative techniques to make the piece sparkle.

With your input every step of the way, even a ring designed on a budget can be more special than its more expensive mass-produced cousins.

Because you want more than an engagement ring

As custom jewelry can be created for any occasion, custom designing your engagement ring doesn’t have to be the extent of your relationship with your custom jeweler. Whether designing matching rings for you and your spouse or earrings to be worn by you and your bridesmaids on your wedding day, custom designing your engagement ring is only the beginning.

Years later, your custom designed engagement and wedding rings will provide inspiration for gifts on landmark anniversaries, birthdays, or even to celebrate the birth of your own children.

A long line of new family heirlooms could even emerge from the one decision you made to custom design your own engagement ring.

Custom designed jewelry isn’t just for those who already know what they want. Your custom jeweler is the expert in helping you arrive at a final design that will go beyond what you may have thought possible. They can also tailor your piece to match your budget, and later design new pieces that match the first.

Your wedding should be one of the most precious times of your life. Custom designing your engagement ring ensures you will forever have a precious reminder of it.

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Tshwane 10s launches this month

Harlequins Rugby Club in Groenkloof, Tshwane will host the launch of the Tshwane 10s from 28-29 October 2016. The sport and lifestyle festival, launched by Cape Town 10s, will run from 9am-9pm.
According to Gerhardi Odendaal, CEO of the Old School Group and festival director of the Cape Town 10s, “After months of careful planning and hard work, we are extremely proud to announce our plans to expand the Cape Town 10s offering with the launch of the Tshwane 10s. Last year we set an unprecedented benchmark with the introduction of beach volleyball as a new sport and we strived to maintain that momentum. With that came the bold move to take the Cape Town 10s formula to the capital, but also to expand the offering in Tshwane to 7 different sports on offer and a truly unique Social Olympics sports festival.”

Tshwane 10s launches this month

The Old School Group – the team behind the Cape Town 10s, has introduced a number of new elements to the event modelled on the Cape Town 10s by including three completely new sporting codes: dodgeball, lawn bowls and squash. Players and spectators may expect sporting action from more than 100 teams taking part across the various codes on offer, including rugby, netball, beach volleyball, dodgeball, lawn bowls, touch rugby and squash. Along with the action on the sports fields, the event will feature an entertainment line-up and guest appearances from South African sporting celebrities.

Following the same formula that has made the Cape Town 10s, the Tshwane 10s will offer guests the opportunity to rub shoulders with Cape Town 10s co-founders Rob Fleck and Bob Skinstad as well as other South African sportspeople, including the likes of Bakkies Botha, Victor Matfield, Fourie Du Preez, Derick Hougaard, Percy Montgomery, Gcobani Bobo and Jacques Burger set to make their mark at the event.

The Tshwane 10s will also feature celebrity rugby and netball teams with a host of South African radio personalities, comedians, music stars and TV stars participating.

Title sponsors of the event, Stor-Age, who have long been a part of the Cape Town 10s, are also associated with the move into Tshwane.

WomensMonth: SummerTime lets female creativity shine

The lyrics go “Summer time, and the livin’ is easy”, and that happy, relaxed vibe is exactly what you’re left with after chatting to SummerTime strategic design studio’s founders, Sandhya Singh and Raksha Mahabeer, who clearly love what they do. Here’s why.
“The information age in late-2016 sees ‘modern’ retro styles being favoured with the use of illustrations and designers becoming really smart about combining retro and contemporary design styles. This means colours are becoming more bold and bright with negative space designs featuring as well as interesting combinations of typography for a more dramatic effect, be it through the manipulation of size or colour. Custom designs and illustrations are shining as well with a more abstract, minimalistic style in general.”

It’s a quote you’d only get from vibrant creatives. These in particular draw inspiration from the personalities of those South African heroes who wanted to tell the world a story about colours. To them, white represents an open canvas for creativity to take flight, with black the indelible impressions you leave on the canvas and together they create images that are rainbow-coloured with imagination. That’s the essence of SummerTime, but their design philosophy’s about more than just about creating pretty pictures.

As branding specialists, they know that the most successful brands are those that are meaningful, memorable and consistent. They wanted their own business to be exactly these things, and explain that the name SummerTime is an emotive one: they wanted a business name that would give clients a feeling of ease and relaxation (see, I was right!) “For us, the energy behind Summer represents that,” they say.

Female design flavour

Making them the ultimate #WomensMonth interviewees, both have the sunny personalities you’d expect from such Summer-minded folk, as well as a positive outlook on business in SA based on their aim to elevate mundane creativity to the sublime. Something I didn’t expect is that they go by the quirky nicknames of ‘The Art’ and ‘The Beat’ respectively. Not your typical job titles, they just don’t do conventional job titles and feel these encompassing titles speak perfectly to what they do, both in the business and in life.

When they finished school, many of their peers were leaving SA. “We did so too, to experience a bit of the world. Our travels reiterated for us what a special continent we live in and how wide open it is with opportunities. We love SA and we love Africa. We want our country and our continent to thrive and we believe that we can contribute to this by ensuring the success of the job creators – the SMMEs. We want to see local production grow and unemployment and poverty being alleviated. We are using our creative talents and love for design to help these businesses to success. “

The Art and The Beat with someone who may seem familiar…
The Art and The Beat with someone who may seem familiar…

And that’s exactly what they do. Speaking of female-specific job challenges, they say, “Being nurturers at heart, it can be challenging finding a sense of balance. At the start, your business requires your attention 24/7 – like a newborn. Finding your unique rhythm is what it’s all about. Writing your own definition of success and finding your own sense of balance.”

Beyond BEE status: the art and the beat of business

While they started with the simple vision back in 2007 to make high-level professional services available to small businesses in helping to profile themselves and stand out from the crowd, the ever-increasing focus on small business and entrepreneurship led them to expand their offering in line with what those SMMEs are lacking: a Masterful sales and marketing toolkit that’s “well branded, well written, well designed”, to present a professional persona and brand proposition with the confidence to go out into an often very crowded marketplace and stand out.

That’s of utmost importance to them as SA is alive with opportunities for entrepreneurs. They explain, “The B-BBEE act has opened up so much for SMMEs especially under the Enterprise and Supplier Development pillar. We are a 100% black female-owned business and find more and more businesses proactively contacting us based on our BEE status.” This has allowed them to showcase SummerTime’s creative talents beyond BEE status. They say the spirit of ubuntu is still beating strong in our country and that entrepreneurs are open to connecting, engaging and contributing to each other’s success, whether through information-sharing, collaborations or more formal partnerships.

While there are many formal business incubators, support organisations and the like providing training, it’s through mentorship and access to network opportunities that entrepreneurs will be best encouraged and supported to be their best – no matter the season.

Volvo Trucks Southern Africa expands SA network

Volvo Trucks Southern Africa is expanding its footprint in Gauteng and opening a new workshop facility in Alrode, South of Gauteng. The workshop will open its doors in October 2016. The reason for the new site is to improve breakdown response time for customers and to improve capacity and service output in the region.
Volvo Trucks Southern Africa expands SA network“We have identified the increased population in the area and the need for another service and parts workshop in the Gauteng region,” says Torbjorn Christensson, president, Volvo Group Southern Africa.

The company has also taken the decision to sell two of its dealerships, namely Polokwane and Port Elizabeth. The move to sell these dealerships forms part of the company’s decision to have a combination of dealerships that are wholly owned as well as some that are franchised. “There are many benefits of this approach such as capital investment by the buying companies to improve the operations, which will result in improved facilities for both branches. We have partnered with companies who we believe will contribute to the image and brand-building of Volvo Trucks Southern Africa,” says Christensson.

B-BBEE ownership

One of the criteria in the agreement was also done in line with improving the company’s broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) ratings. “We have made massive in-roads in areas such as management control and supplier development, however, the one area that has always eluded us is ownership. Previously our efforts were hindered, however, after a series of meetings between various stakeholders including Government; we are now able to transfer ownership of two of our wholly owned dealerships to B-BBEE companies,” says Christensson.

Volvo Polokwane has been acquired by a company called Lereko Motors. The group was established in 2004 as a black-owned investment company, with the founders being Popo Molefe, Valli Moosa and the late Eric Molobi, adding to the credibility of its staff complement was the appointment of Lulu Gwanga as chief operating officer (COO). Lereko Motors have partnered with the Imperial Group to manage the dealership on their behalf. At present the planned date for the transfer of ownership is set for 1 October 2016. The Polokwane dealership will continue to operate at its current premises for a month or two while new premises are being renovated for them.

Similarly the Port Elizabeth franchise will remain in its current location for a year while a new custom designed site is constructed for them and will contribute to the upliftment of Nelson Mandela Bay’s development projects. The Port Elizabeth franchise will also be owned by a black-owned entity and managed by Billson Trucks. Billson’s has an extensive regional footprint and operates in an area that is bordered to the northeast, north and west by East London, Graaff-Reinet and Knysna. The new site will bring investment to the value of R100 million.

Volvo Trucks will have a network of 19 workshops in South Africa of which seven are independently operated.

Three Easy Steps To Get The Right Custom Design Furniture

People are different from each other and so are their choices. Some people don’t bother about the decoration of their homes whereas others make their houses the way they want. Perhaps this difference became the reasoning for the emergence of the custom design furniture. There are specialists in the market to convert your idea into custom furniture. They can custom design furniture for you or even can customize it. If you have an idea in your mind to decorate your home as per your choice or have an inspiration from some other, just follow the three easy steps and you will have furniture of your choice:

Think of an ideal furniture design Everything starts with an idea and it functions like a seed does for a tree. You can’t get mango tree out of apple seeds. An idea provides the basis for your furniture design and if you are among those who want to put their personality in their furniture, then dare to put this idea into paper. And if you can’t do that, there are expert custom furniture makers who can do this job for you for a small fee.

Specify your budget Budget plays a pivotal role in buying something. You can’t even buy a piece of bread if you don’t have budget for that. If you have money for this purpose, you need not to waste that all without planning. A wise move would be getting what you want remaining in your budget limits. After all, you can’t eat furniture and just want it the way you like. Your idea serves as the guideline to furniture makers and your budget defines what sort of material you want to have in it.

Choose the right manufacturer Thinking of an ideal furniture design and then specifying your budget for this purpose are two important tasks, yet a wrong manufacturer can ruin all your dreams. So, choosing the right manufacturer is very much important. Getting customized furniture for your home is of course not a hobby. People buy furniture once in their life and durable furniture move to the next generations. So, choose a right furniture maker that has ability to put mastery in your idea to turn it into the finest furniture that lasts long.

Blackwolf Design is ranked among the top Custom Furniture Makers. Our custom made furniture is of the highest quality in design, construction and finish.Decorating home with custom design furniture of one’s choice involves some key considerations. By following these considerations, one can get better furniture that lasts long and can avoid unwanted hassle. Hopefully, by following these three simple steps you will get custom design furniture of your choice and decorate your home the way you want. Good luck!

Key Considerations To Buy Custom Design Furniture

There are always some key considerations to do a task properly. These considerations not only help you to do the task the way you want but also save you from the unnecessary hassle. Buying furniture is an important task and involves handsome amount of money. Therefore, to back your money, you have to complete your homework so that you could take the right decision and could avoid yourself from the hassle of wasting your money to buy wrong furniture. Here are some points that should be taken care of to buy custom design furniture:

Your Budget Your budget is the most important point in buying whatever you want. If you have budget, you can buy YouTube and if you’re without it, you can’t even buy a piece of bread. So, what amount of money you specify from your budget is important. Buying fine quality furniture at a high price is not a big deal; the real task is to get this quality furniture at a fraction of cost i.e. remaining in one’s budgeting limits. It’s true that you don’t buy furniture every day, but it does not mean that you should spend all your money on making your furniture perfect.

Place of Furniture Durability is a very important factor especially when you’re buying custom furniture. However, the place where you want to put this furniture defines whether you need durable furniture or one that is beautiful. Furniture that comes in our daily use should be durable whereas the furniture that we rarely use and is for decoration purposes such as for guests works whether it’s durable or not, but it should be beautiful.

Wood and Design of Furniture The wood of the furniture that you’re going to buy is also an important point to be considered before buying the furniture. You should collect some information about hardwood and softwood before you go to the manufacturer of furniture. Both are different from each other and so are their characteristics and prices as well. Similarly, the custom design should be properly conveyed to the custom furniture manufacturer to get actually what you wanted to have. The best way could be drawing what you had in your mind or get helped from an experienced manufacturer and he will do this for a small amount of money.

Measurement of the Location I’ve noticed so many people suffering from the hassle of custom sizing their furniture and then spending some more money on their custom design furniture. They overlook the important point of the measurement of the room for which they want this custom furniture and hence fall into trouble. Measurement is an important point and should be taken care of before you buy/order furniture. Careless shopping of custom design furniture creates problems for so many people. There are some key considerations that can help avoid these problems. Black Wolf Design is a manufacturer of custom furniture. We have got the mastery of turning your ideas into finest furniture. This is the place where innovation never exhausts!

Keep all these important considerations in your mind and you will buy right custom design furniture.